Has it really been that long since I updated my blog!!!!

I can't believe I haven't updated this blog since September, what is wrong with me???? I know I have a very active 2 year old that I spend all my free time with! :)

Life here in the Morris-Seales house is busy as always. Meredith is growing up so fast it is hard to believe.
We are 90% potty trained which is awesome!!! Meredith has taken off on that one all on her own. She is doing very well with her preschool, they keep telling us that Meredith is one of the smartest kiddos they have. Which we know is true by some of the things she comes up with to say!!!!

We are getting close to 2 important date in the next few months. Baby Blake will turn 1 March 21st, and Meredith will have been home with for 2 years in April. Lots of celebrations are headed our way.

I have made it one of my New Years Resolutions to manage my time more wisely, well as you can see I've broken that one already, here it is the 23rd of January and I'm just now getting around to updating our site. Oh well maybe I'll start that resolution today....

I will go through the pictures we've taken over the last few months and I will post new pictures this weekend.


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