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Latest News On Meredith

Thought I would post an update for everyone that checks our blog. I haven't posted in several weeks.

Meredith is growing like a weed. And talking more and more everyday. She is learning her numbers at school in English and Spanish, and so far is doing really good.
She loves playing outside in the back yard where she has a play house, castle, and swing set. Our back yard looks like a playground. She can even say Guatemala. While shopping at Walmart we found bananas that were imported from Guatemala and now she wants a Guatemala nana to eat.
We are at the start of Todd's busiest season with the State Fair starting this Thursday so we spent he last Saturday off for a couple of months at the Louisville Zoo. Meredith loves the animals, I've attached some of the pictures from yesterday.
We are planning a trip to the Fair on Tuesday the 19th so she can see some cows, horses, & piggy's.