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Meredith's big party

On Saturday April 28th. Meredith had a big welcome to Kentucky party. My aunt Lib held this great party for us, Thanks again for everything Aunt Lib!!!!!

This was also Meredith's longest car ride and she slept the whole way so we think she likes to ride.

We are still having issues with Meredith allowing Todd to care for her. I'm trying to get a schedule going so I can long onto work and get some work done, but it hasn't happened yet.

Today we went down to the Chow Wagon, her Daycare, and to the park to swing. She loves to swing, I'll post pictures of that later, but here are a few pictures from the party on Saturday.

Meredith just tried to crawl!!!! How exciting!!!!!

What have we been up to this week????

Let's start with Sunday. You can definitely tell that Todd and I are first time parents. We went to the Zoo on Sunday and it was Earth Day. Admission was only $1 each, so we figured if we didn't get to stay too long we wouldn't have spent a whole lot of money. Well neither of us was ready for the crowd. We chugged along anyway and stayed about 2 hours. Meredith took it in stride just riding around in her stroller looking at the people more than the animals. I keep asking myself, what is the world could be going through her mind right now?
I'm sure she is wondering where all the Spanish speaking people went and the honking hours and fast drivers!!!!
Monday we went to the mall and Toy's R Us. Meredith was the perfect angel at both she loves to ride around in the truck and her stroller.
My mom came back on Tuesday to help me out, which I am very thankful for. Meredith still will not let Todd do anything for her, which is hard on me sometimes. We are hoping it gets bette…

Home 2 days

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing great!!!! Meredith is adjusting nicely. Last night she slept 12 hours, then took another 2 hour nap. She has played and laughed all day, we went outside and raked some grass and she just sit there and took it all in. She is eating very well, we have put her on 2% milk, she will not have anything to do with formula and she loved Juicy Juice.

We have been asked when will be ready for visitors and with the way that Meredith has adjusted to her new surrounding we have decided to let anyone come over that wants too. We are playing everything by ear and taking clues from her. She will let us know if she doesn't want to go to someone. Just give us a call.

It is finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have just gotten back from the Embassy and our appointment went fine. We are back in the room after stopping off to get some breakfast before the buffet closed.

I was only asked a couple questions: Do you have her room ready? What is it decorated in? Is her daddy at home getting the house ready? Have you visited the baby before this pick up trip? Just simple questions, oh one more are you happy with you agency and attorney's, I said yes through gritted teeth.

Meredith is now passed out on the floor, she has had an eventful morning and we are so glad that everything is over. We will received Meredith's immigrant VISA tomorrow at 4PM and we will be free to leave the country. We are resting up right now and we will then head out to do some shopping.

We can't wait to get back to Kentucky, I know Todd is beside himself with missing us. I can't wait for him to see is beautiful baby girl, she is a real charmer. She is flirting with the waiters and the guys at the Embassy.

Hola from Guatemala!!!!

Yes Yes I know it has been three days, but they have been very eventful days.
We got here on Friday about 11:30 local time, got checked into the very nice Westin hotel.
Meredith arrived at 3:30 that day. This was a very emotional time for everyone and there were lots of tears shed.
Once we got Meredith back up to the room the screaming began. She screamed for 4 hours straight. We were dealing with some serious seperation issues. We finally got her to sleep but only laying on one of us. At about 1:30 she was awake and in a better mood and wanted to play. After a quick bottle she was back off to sleep but only laying on top of us.

We have figured out she does not like bottles, only likes to drink out of cups and glasses. Loves soda and whip cream. Hey what it takes to make her happy is what we will do. Formula is another thing she will not take, hates it. So we have been giving her skim milk.

Yesterday we went to the pool she didn't like that much but we will try again lat…

The time is almost here.

YES YES YES. Finally! I am having so much trouble concentrating on my work, but I have to get it done. Yesterday we installed the car seat in the truck, well we think we installed it correctly, I guess we will find out next week. Tonight I plan to unpack and repack our suitcases just to make sure I have everything.

Poor Rebecca is having such a hard time down there in Guatemala. She had a really bad day yesterday trying to get Zachary's final paperwork ready. Yesterday was the final doctors appointment to get medical clearance to leave the country and no one from the agency or FM showed up to take her. So she had non of Zach's docmuments and she didn't know where the doctors office was!!! After some stern words with the attorney's office they finally worked it out.
She finally arrived only a little late and guess who showed up for her final appointment too???

Meredith passed her medical exam too and the doctor congratulated Marina on being such a wonderful Foster Mom. M…