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Day three


Daddy's has a new tv watching buddy


Day 2

Meredith in the bouncy seat in the baby lounge. LOVES THE CHAIR HAVE TO GET ONE!!!!

Meredith smiling for daddy.

Meredith in the big girl chair in the restaurant for breakfast!!

Meredith and her boyfriend Zachary holding hands ready to trick or treat.

And the fashion show begins!!!




Hola from Guatemala!!!!!

Yep we made it with only a couple minor problems. First we left Louisville 15 minutes late, and when we landed in Houston we had to wait on the Jet way for 15 minutes so they could clear our ramp. So Todd and I made it to our connections with 6 minutes to spare. YIKES!!
Secondly, one of our suitcases must have got caught on a conveyor belt or something, one of the corners was punctured and the back was partially ripped off. We are not sure what fell out, but I'm sure we'll figure it out when we go get something that isn't there. OH well with the short amount of time between planes, we're lucky that all 4 bags made it.

The Marriott is great, the people here are so helpful, all we have to do is ask. Last night Todd and I had a wonderful pizza, possible the best we've ever had, and they brought us chocolate ice cream for dessert. Our room has a great view of the city, but most importantly it has a view of the BIG McDonalds that is next door to the hotel. We plan to send…

Leaving on a Jet Plane!!!!

That's right the time has come, well almost. Todd and I fly out Sunday morning and should be in Guatemala around noon their time.
Once I get home tonight at midnight(working Archivers tonight) I'll put the very last stuff in the suitcases and get them ready to load in the truck.
Tomorrow is equally as busy as today, Todd and I are both working tomorrow and won't have time to do much of anything. Gizmo is going to the kennel in the morning, let just say his digs are as good as ours in Guatemala. PetSuites is posh, they have 2 room townhouses with toddler beds and a private TV in each that plays the animal planet 24/7, this is a far cry from where Gizzy has stayed before, no more cat room for you little buddy.
Todd and I will have to be in bed by 9 pm Saturday night, we will have to be up at 3:15 in order to make it to the airport by 5, WOW very early.

But we can't wait to get there, three of my friends have already checked in and they are waiting for us to get there. I spok…

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Today was a good news day. Our attorney went to the US Embassy and picked up our Pre-Approval. That means we will be submitted to PGN this week.
Lets all hope and pray for a nice PGN reviewer and that they don't find any mis-spelled words or anything else to kick us out for. Let's hope for a short 3 week stay in PGN, more realistic is 6 weeks, but there is always a chance.

Todd and I leave at 7:10am on Sunday for our trip to Guatemala. I probably won't update the blog again until after we get back unless I can get access to the computers in the Hotel lounge.

Update to 10/9 post

Our authenticated DNA results were received at the agency on Tuesday. The agency said that they were overnighting them to our attorney the same day. So the only thing that is keeping us out of PGN is the pre approval from the US embassy.

11 days to go!!!

Moving right along....

Today's weekly report from Guatemala stated that our social worker report is complete and the only thing our attorney is waiting on is the authenticated DNA results and Embassy Pre Approval and we can be submitted to PGN. I've asked our advocate if we would be submitted into PGN by the time we get there and he said the chances are very good.

As for PGN it is a crap shoot. I'd have better luck picking the lottery numbers than guessing when we will get our of PGN. The time line for PGN runs from 3 weeks to over 6 months. I know people at both end of this spectrum. So we'll just keep our fingers crossed that we are one of the 3 week families.

As for the countdown we are at 12 days. Todd and I have to get busy packing this week, we are both going to be very busy this week and next with Archivers and a Horse Show at the expo center.

Several of you have asked if we have everything we need for our trip and as of right now we don't think so. I'm off tonight so Todd and I …

Just some more random info.

I'm trying to post every week to the blog, so far I'm failing miserably!!!
Ok I will try to do better.

Anyway with this weeks update there wasn't anything new to report. Our DNA results are in the authentication process and should be back by weeks end. Once back at the agency they will over night them to our Guatemalan attorney and she will take that and the Social worker report (when it comes in) and submit us into PGN. So we are very close to the getting into the final stage of the process.

There is one more piece of paper you need to get into PGN and that is a Pre-Approval from the US embassy and they issue that after they get the DNA results from Labcorp. Right now those are taking on average 30 days from the day Labcorp overnighted the results to the Embassy. So ours was sent out on September 15th so we are half way there.

So we are hopeful that the DNA results, social worker report, and pre approval will all be back and they can submit us to PGN on or around the …