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2 posts in one day...oh my

Hold your hats folks, I'm actually updating the blog!!!!!

Today we have 2 entries.

Todd was off today for Veterans Day and he went over to visit.

The show is in town this week giving a home make over to the Hughes Family.

This family has a really special story. The son, Patrick was born without eyes and could not straighten his arms and legs. He plays trumpet for the UofL marching band and his dad pushes him on the field during performances.

Anyway here are some pics from Todd's adventure.

This is one of the shows designers Equardo, he came over during filming takes to have photo's made.

Now for the second entry. We have been visiting Southeast Christian Church for the past couple of weeks and here is Meredith waiting to go yesterday in her very cute romper.

Be sure to visit the Baby Wooley Site too.

Happy Halloween