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What happens next???

That is the million dollar question. Our attorney is submitting our case to the civil registry on Monday or Tuesday. This is the agency that will update Meredith's birth certificate with Morris Seales or just Seales for her last name. In many Hispanic countries the baby is given the mother maiden name and the fathers last name. So we'll just have to wait and see when we received the paperwork. Right now it is taking 10 working days to get the new birth certificate.

Then the attorney will apply for Meredith's passport and that usually takes a few hours, and Meredith will have one last doctor's appointment with an US embassy approved doctor. Once the Dr appt is over and the passport is picked up, everything must be translated back into English.

The final adoption decree, passport, and Dr report are submitted to the US Embassy and right now they are taking 6 working days to set the appointment. So we are really looking at the last week in March as our pick up date. There is…

OK I MUST TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE ARE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are officially out of PGN. Meredith is legally our's.
We don't have all the details yet, but they said we would be traveling in 6-8 weeks, although it should be much sooner.

I can't believe that this day has finally come.
Thanks to everyone for their support.

Week 9 and waiting

Yep we've passed week 9 in PGN as of today. 64 days and no word, all I can say is "what the hell????!!!!" Pardon my french, but I can see the end of my rope clearly now, haha.

We did receive a medical update and very blurry pictures today, (I won't post those they are awful). Our Advocate is out this week, he traveled to Guatemala for a convention so the other advocate sent out the medical today. Meredith is 18.4lbs and 27 inches tall. What I could tell from the pictures her hair is growing back finally.

I asked about our PGN status and the response I got was :"As far as I know you are still in PGN it has been taking 8 weeks to get out."
Now before you all start filling up my comment box I know this is contradictory to everything we've been told to date and the fact that we just passed week 9 solidifies that the left hand is not talking to the right.
I will post any further updates I receive. Still hoping that this is our week to get out of PGN.

Jet set weekend...

Happy Monday everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I sure did.
This weekend was girls weekend out. I flew to St. Louis and spent the weekend with Rebecca and Bethany. We had a wonderful time, shopping, eating, scrabble, eating, playing, oh and more eating.
Thank you very much Fred and Bethany for letting us invade your house for the weekend. Also thanks Bethany for showing me the business.

Today was a GREAT day for Rebecca. When she got home today she got "the call" from Philip and she is out of PGN as of today. YYYYIIIPPPPEEEE Rebecca. Hurry up and go get Zachary!!!

Todd and I are also hoping that this is our week to get out of PGN too, fingers crossed...

Another weekly update.

And again it said absolutely NOTHING!!!!
According to the attorney our case is still in PGN waiting for approval.
So I guess that's it for this week, what else can I say, except this waiting is killing me!

Another busy weekend.

Happy Monday folks. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Today is day 55 in the PGN black hole. We are hopeful that we will hear something this week.

This weekend for me was Phase 2 of the bathroom makeover. Mom came up on Saturday and we did a little shopping and them we worked on the bathroom till 1:30 in the morning. Got back up yesterday morning and started working again. I'm happy to say that the bathroom is 95% done. There is some touch ups needed on the paint and as you can see by the pictures there is no outer shower curtain or rugs. That's where you guys come in....

So here is one that we have come across, you tell me if you think it will look good in the new and improved bathroom. Or if you have any other ideas just email me a picture.

We've made it past the 7 week mark....

how many more to go??? That's the million dollar question. We are just sitting and wondering when will we get out. We are still hoping and praying for a previo free stay in PGN. I find myself hitting the send/receive button on my email every couple of minutes, and ever time my cell phone rings my heart drops. This waiting is almost unbearable.
But everyone tells me that NO news is GOOD news where PGN is concerned.

On a down note, my friend Keely found out yesterday that she received a previo on Friday for something totally ridiculous. But thankfully she went right back in that day.

As for our weekly update, it was the same as it has been for 7 weeks. We are still in PGN waiting for approval.

Isn't this cute????

This rocking chair has been around for a long time. It was my moms when she was young and some of her sisters used it too. Then it was there for me and Rebecca. So in preparations for Meredith's homecoming mom made new cushions for it. I think it is adorable.

The first picture is of my mom sitting in the rocking chair. The second picture is of me sitting in the same rocking chair, wearing my bibbed overalls, and yes that is a tobacco pipe in my mouth. I would say that I was 3 or 4 years old in that picture.

Also I've had several people ask for a sneek peek of the new and improved bathroom. Well I'm not done, but the walls are painted, next I'll move onto the trim. Todd and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday and we found the shower curtain and rugs we like. So if anyone has those great Bed Bath & Beyond coupons they aren't using please send them my way.

What's in store for the weekend??????

Well I've made it through my rather crappy week. But as many people have said it is time to move on and not dwell on what happened. Easier said than done, but I will do my best. So I had planned on doing some major house cleaning after we got out of PGN, because I know once we get home there will be lots of visitors and I will not have time to clean. Since my PGN dream was busted this week I decided to go ahead and start on my list. So what is on this weeks agenda???? BATHROOM MAKEOVER!!!!! Take a look at this sad Ocean blue bathroom, OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I can't believe that Todd and I put up with it for a year and a half. So the time has come to bid the ocean bathroom GOODBYE!!!! When asking Todd what color he would like me to paint this room he said anything but PINK. hehehe We already have 2 pink rooms in our house so I figured I'd spare him a pink bathroom. But that's all I'm saying for now, you'll just have to wait till the after pictures.

One good thing did…

Welcome Home Dane Mateo!!!!!

I just got home from the airport to welcome Mary and Dane home. There was probably 25 people there eagerly awaiting their arrival. I know I've sat at work and watched her flights all day. From what I heard Dane only cried when they were landing, probably the difference in air pressure. But anyway here are a few pictures for you all to enjoy.

ONE DAY (hopfully soon)THIS WILL BE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!