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Meredith the QT

Here are some recent pictures of Meredith. We went to see Playhouse Disney on Sunday and Meredith loved it!!!!

Meredith vacuuming the floor with her new toy hoover, from Uncle Ralph and Aunt Helen.

Meredith learning the Cow Pasture Shuffle.

Hello to everyone!!!!

Sorry the post haven't been as regular as they should have been, I've been traveling a lot for my new job. Thankfully that is over for a while!!!!!
I took Meredith to have her Christmas pictures this weekend, and they turned out OK, she cried some, she just didn't want to be there. Below are a couple of the best pics.
Meredith is trying to talk more these days, we pick up new words just about everyday.

I've also uploaded some pictures from the last couple of weeks with my new camera (which I LOVE)

Bad hair day and cheesy face all in one.

2 posts in one day...oh my

Hold your hats folks, I'm actually updating the blog!!!!!

Today we have 2 entries.

Todd was off today for Veterans Day and he went over to visit.

The show is in town this week giving a home make over to the Hughes Family.

This family has a really special story. The son, Patrick was born without eyes and could not straighten his arms and legs. He plays trumpet for the UofL marching band and his dad pushes him on the field during performances.

Anyway here are some pics from Todd's adventure.

This is one of the shows designers Equardo, he came over during filming takes to have photo's made.

Now for the second entry. We have been visiting Southeast Christian Church for the past couple of weeks and here is Meredith waiting to go yesterday in her very cute romper.

Be sure to visit the Baby Wooley Site too.

Happy Halloween


Yes Yes I know it has been a long time since I posted!!!!!

And I'm sorry to all those out there in blog land that follow our page. Things have been really busy the last month or so. The new job is going great, very busy after the merger and everything. Meredith is doing great, we just had our 6 month post placement meeting with the social worker. I can't believe that Meredith has been home 6 months.
Meredith started walking last Friday, I have included a few pictures at the bottom.
Last weekend was papaw's 60th birthday party and we had a fish fry down at the farm. Meredith had a good time running around the yard.
Mamaw and Meredith(with her purse) asking Papaw for her allowance.

The Morris, Seales, Wooley family.
The first day we got to put Meredith's hair up in PonyTails. Meredith sliding down the slide at the Morris Reunion, she loves to slide and swing!!!

What's up with Meredith???

I'm really slacking when it comes to posting to the blog. The new job is great, but very busy, so when I get home I don't have much time for blogging, just cooking, cleaning, and of course playing with Meredith.
Todd and I have started making a list of the words and gestures Meredith does now.
She can say:
Juice which is for anything to drink Shoes Dog Dada Papaw Mom Gizzy
And she can point to what she wants. You can ask her where her nose, toes, shirt, and pants are and she gets them right every time. She isn't walking yet, but is standing alone for a few seconds, so it will be anytime now. And you can say something is stinky and she grabs her nose.

Here is a couple pictures from last weekend.

Meredith's 1st Funnel Cake

Here are a few pictures of Meredith eating her first Funnel Cake last week at the KY State Fair.

I got a bib that said this on Friday....

Ok what could this mean?? It came from Becky so I at first thought it was for Meredith to wear. But the note inside the package said:"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Your baby sister is going to be a mommie just like YOU!!!"That's right Becky is pregnant YYYYIIIIPPPPEEEEE a playmate for Meredith!What a great surprise!!! The baby is due on April 9th one day before Becky's birthday, maybe she can hold out for a few more hours and they can share the same birthday. Apparently Becky thinks she is having a boy according to some Chinese ring test or something, I don't know. I think she should find out what she is having so we can start shopping, but she doesn't want to know PPPOOOHHH!!!I think the suspense will finally get to her and she will find out.


The call finally came, I have been waiting for this call for 3 weeks now. But being a new company there were a lot of details that had to be ironed out before they could offically hire new employees.

I'm very excited about my new job, even though it is a lot like the current one I have. Plus they have tuition reimburstment so I can finish up my MBA without having to pay for it, YIIPPEE

Plus we are looking into purchasing another vehicle. So anyone that has recommendations please post a comment. I'm looking at possible a Mini Van or Mid size sedan.
Anyone own a Kia Sedona?

More fun for Meredith.

Here are a couple of pictures from Meredith's weekend at the family farm.

Meredith and Papaw mowing grass.

Meredith loves her piano.


More pictures from my weekend at mamaw's.

Biker Babe in training.

See mom Papaw lets me drive.....

Pictures from Meredith's weekend at Mamaw's

Meredith's first Engine & Tractor Show

Meredith and Papaw sitting on Meredith's Great Great Grandpa's tractor.

Papaw why aren't we moving???

Aunt Becca took more pictures that I will post later.

Has it really been 3 months????

That's the question I've been asking myself the past couple of days. It is hard to believe that we brought Meredith home 3 months ago, man how time flies.
So you may be asking what's new with the Seales family. Well, I went back to work in the office full time on July 4th, it sucks by the way, I never knew how nice it was to work in my PJ's. Todd is gearing up for his busy season, State Fair, Quartet Convention, Rodeo, & Farm Machinery Show. Busy busy busy, oh well we like the paycheck he brings home.
Meredith started going to the daycare last week and it has been challenging, but each day is getting better. She hasn't cried when we dropped her off the last few days. She is now crawling and boy o boy can she MOVE! She can also pull herself up to stand, so we know it will only be a matter of time before she is off and running. She can say dada, mama, dora, pizza, who is it, and dog.

Well that's all I have for now, it's almost time to quit for the day.

I prom…

Days 2 and 3 at the daycare...

Day two went pretty good. She didn't cry when Todd dropped her off, but when she saw me there to pick her up she started crying. Not sure if she just realized we were gone or that she didn't want to leave?
She also came home on day 2 with a cold. I aggravated Todd all night counting the times Meredith sneezed. I got up to 25 and quit. I don't know if Meredith had sneezed 25 times since we brought her home.
Needless to say the sleep was in limited supply that night because her nose was stuffy and she couldn't breath when she laid down.

Day 3 Meredith got up with a nose running like a faucet. We were afraid that they wouldn't let her stay if they saw she was sick, but they did. I handed her off to Ms. Liz and she cried and reached for me. But as soon as I walked away she was fine. I picked her up during nap time and she was the only one not napping. She still couldn't breath out of her nose when she laid down.
We got home and took some medicine and she …

My first day at daycare....

Today was Meredith's first day at daycare. Todd and I both went to drop her off and as soon as we got to her room Ms. Liz took her and Meredith turned to me and Todd and gave us the cheesy face, as to say you can leave now.
That was 7:45 am.
Todd and I headed off to work just waiting for our cell phones to ring being the daycare telling us to come and get her. But as we wait the call never came. I finally couldn't wait any longer and at 9:53am I called to check on her. The director said that she hadn't cried at all and she ran to the room to look in on her and she just started crying because someone took her block.
At 1:00pm I leave work so that I can pick up Meredith sparing her from a full day her first day. I got to the daycare and Meredith is asleep on her cot. Ms. Liz asked me to come back at 2 because that is when nap time is over. So off I head to the house to load the dishwasher and eat some lunch.
At 2:00pm I returned and there she sat all smiles and ready for snac…

We didn't win but we sure had fun!!!!

This past week was the Taylor County Fair, my home town. Saturday night was the Miss & Mr Toddler pageant. Aunt Becky, great aunt Lib, and I have been running all over Louisville, E-town, and Bowling Green looking for an outfit to wear. We finally decided on a very cute capri outfit and off we went to the pageant.

Meredith was contestant #10, even though we didn't win we still had a great time, beside she is our little princess anyway!

Mom are you sure this bow matches my outfit?

Aunt Becky is it our turn yet?

Meredith scoping out the competition.

Uncle Brian are you ready to go to the Reds game?