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Meredith the QT

Here are some recent pictures of Meredith. We went to see Playhouse Disney on Sunday and Meredith loved it!!!!

Meredith vacuuming the floor with her new toy hoover, from Uncle Ralph and Aunt Helen.

Meredith learning the Cow Pasture Shuffle.

Hello to everyone!!!!

Sorry the post haven't been as regular as they should have been, I've been traveling a lot for my new job. Thankfully that is over for a while!!!!!
I took Meredith to have her Christmas pictures this weekend, and they turned out OK, she cried some, she just didn't want to be there. Below are a couple of the best pics.
Meredith is trying to talk more these days, we pick up new words just about everyday.

I've also uploaded some pictures from the last couple of weeks with my new camera (which I LOVE)

Bad hair day and cheesy face all in one.