Anyone have a chainsaw and want to come over for a party?

Boy do we need one, a chainsaw that is, this snow/ice storm has been awful. Meredith and I are stuck at home for the third day in a row!!! Todd went to work today but I didn't have him try to get my car out before he left. I went out to start the car and move it down the drive way but it is stuck and won't budge. I chipped away at the ice under the tires for about an hour and said forget it. I'll try to work from home some today and maybe go in this weekend. Todd will be taking us to work and school tomorrow.
There are 240,000 homes here in Jefferson County with no electricity. We are very lucky!!!
We took Meredith out to play in the snow yesterday and she loved it, she didn't want to come back in!!!
Meredith trying to make a snow angel.

Throwing snow balls at mommy.

Yes before anyone asks Meredith was dressed very, very warmly!!! She has on 2 pair of pants, 2 pairs of socks, undershirt, long sleeve t-shirt, hooded jacket, winter coat, "carf" (scarf), hat, and her "globs" (gloves)
Here are some pics from yesterday.

This is the power line that feeds into our house. It still looks like that today, I hope a big truck or bus doesn't come down the street it will know it down.
This is Meredith wanting to go down and play on her swing and playhouse.

But this is why she couldn't. This tree is in a neighbours yard and it is bare on one side now. Only the side facing us has branches now, I hope they cut it down!!!

And this too. You can't even see her play house, it's under there somewhere. Part of this tree is laying on the neighbours garage too. It's time for the tree to come down. What's left of that is.

Winter Wonderland my foot!!! I don't like snow it is too hard to drive on and my car isn't the best on snow and ice or it may be the driver? I don't know.


Anonymous said…
Love the new blog spot. The colors are very pleasing. Sorry you had so much damage to your house. We will have to have a tree-trimming/pizza party when it warms up a little. Kisses for Meredith.

Aunt Lib

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