Friday, December 29, 2006

Now what??

This is a question I am getting a lot here lately. Or what is PGN? For those people who are not involved in the Guatemala adoption process it all sounds like a bunch of jiberish.
I've done some research on the internet and found the following explainations for the remainder of our process. I hope that this will help. Todd and I have made it so far in the process and the past six months seem to have flown by, but now we have to wait some more. But just knowing that we are in this final stage is somewhat of a releif, even though we still can't see the end of the tunnel we are starting to see a small light leading the way.

After your case exits Family Court and you have U.S. Embassy pre-approval, it will be submitted to Procuraduria General De La Nacion (PGN). PGN is tasked with ensuring that the requirements for adoption under Guatemalan law are met. As part of this process, your case will be submitted to a PGN reviewer for a determination as to whether all legal requirements have been met. Your reviewer will examine all of the documents that you submitted as part of your dossier, additional documents submitted by your Guatemalan attorney, the social worker's report and the U.S. Embassy visa pre-approval. If the reviewer determines that all of the documents are in order, the reviewer will sign off on the file and forward it for final approval. When final approval is granted, your case exits PGN. Shortly after your case exits PGN and the final paperwork is completed, the Guatemalan adoption process ends and you are legally the parent of a new son or daughter!

Immigration Process
At this point in the process your Guatemalan attorney will apply for your child's new birth certificate. The new birth certificate will contain your child's first and middle names (as given at birth) and your family's last name(s). You may not change your child's first and middle names as part of the Guatemalan adoption process. Name changes may be accomplished after you return to the United States. Once your attorney has the amended birth certificate, he/she will apply for your child's Guatemalan passport. Your child will travel to the United States using his/her Guatemalan passport and a visa issued by the U.S. Embassy.

The Guatemalan attorney will then submit all of the documents to the U.S. Embassy for issuance of the "pink slip". The pink slip is an invitation (printed on pink paper) to the adopting family to come to the U.S. Embassy for a final interview and issuance of your child's visa to immigrate to the United States. Once the pink slip is issued, your child will be taken to an Embassy approved physician for a visa physical examination. The examination may not be scheduled until after the pink slip has been issued.

At this point, the adopting parents and the newly adopted child go to the U.S. Embassy for the final interview and issuance of the visa. The family may leave Guatemala and travel to the United States at any time after the visa is issued.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We are IN!!!

I just got the call from the agency. We are officially in PGN with a log in date of today 12/20/06. So we now sit and wait some more but we are getting really close. Let's all pray for a nice reviewer and hope that after the Christmas/New Year holiday they come back ready to work work work, and release cases everyday.

We also need to pray for no Previos or kick outs. My friend Rebecca received a kick out this week for a document filed in the wrong place in her file, this is a very minor kick out and she is already back in PGN.
Another one of my friends got out of PGN last week after being in 11 1/2 weeks she had one kick out just like Rebecca. So if that's how long it is taking it looks like March or April will be Meredith's homecoming, although no one really know it's in the hand of our PGN reviewer and the PGN director.

Medical update and picture day!!!!

We just received the monthly medial update and pictures.

Meredith is now 16.4 lbs and 25.5 inches tall.

I think we've had a hair cut too wow wee that's short.

Hopefully later today I can update the blog again we are supposed to enter PGN today!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Thank you very much secret blog pal!!!!!

I love it when the mail man delivers something other than bills haha.

I've signed up to have a secret blog pal and I got a gift in the mail today from mine.

I sure wish I was in her state right now, she's from Florida, my favorite place to vacation.

Anyway here is what I got yyyiipppeeee!!!!

A set of stamps for the scrapbooker in me.

A reminder with a goal to bring Meredith home, I totally agree Valentines day would be great.

A CD with loads of music for Meredith, it has my fav "The wheels on the bus", LOVE THAT ONE.

And a frame ornament with a picture of our angel for our tree.

Thank you so much for my gifts I truly love each and everyone one. It has really brightened my day.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

OK OK we are not the Scrooges after all.

We kinda got in the Christmas mood today. We decided to put the tree up and wrap some presents. So here is a couple of pictures.

I heard back from the agency today and the Guatemala attorney did get our documents yesterday and took them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now it will take about 3 weeks for them to be processed, then we can enter PGN. We are hoping and praying for a short stay in PGN, but no one really knows how long we will be in this final stage.

I just keep telling myself this is the last major step before Meredith can come home, and so what if we miss the first Christmas there will be others and I know Marina will take lots of pictures for me. We do know that Meredith did get her ears pierced about a week ago, can't wait to see those.

Well I guess that's it for now, I'm working on some photo albums to take with us to Aunt Lib's this weekend.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Another update

Ok so the updates are getting farther and farther apart. Yes the lack of communication is very hard!! But Todd and I are taking one day at a time.

Rebecca and I did the yearly ritual of shopping on Black Friday!!! WHHHOOO was that fun, what time was it Rebecca, 4 am when we got to Wal-Mart. Oh well we got everything we went for. Santa Claus has already dropped off a lot of goodies for Meredith.

Todd and I are kinda feeling like Ebenezer Scrooge this year. We are debating on when or if we will put a tree up this year. If we knew that Meredith was coming home in January I would put it up now and just leave it up. But we have no idea as to when she will be coming home so if we do put up the tree we will probably put it up in her room and just leave it in there until she comes home. Who knows we may be having Christmas at Valentines day or even Easter.

As for our case I sent out the authenticated documents via Fedex on Thursday. I just tracked the package and it was delivered down in Guatemala this morning. I've already put my call in to Philip to get on the horn and find out when they will be taking the new documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once the new forms are registered they can submit our case to PGN which right now the registering part is taking 2-3 weeks. SO we might make it into PGN by the end of the year??? We'll have to wait and see.

We did send down a few things to Meredith for Christmas so hopefully Marina will take pictures of her wearing her Christmas outfit and wearing her new earrings.

Here is the latest info we have on Meredith, by the picture we can tell she is really growing.
She now weighs 15.8lbs and is 24.8 inches tall.