Friday, August 25, 2006


Hey everyone,
We don't have much to report this week. We were told we could be submitted for DNA authorization this week and possibly family court next week. We hope to know more next week. We did not received the medical update this week either, another hope for next week.

We need to pray for Kim and Jay they flew to Guatemala today to meet their little boy Alex. I hope to see some pictures later tonight. Thanks again Kim for taking those clothes to Meredith.
I wish you could see her for us, but we know that won't happen.

This week was also the beginning of my Archivers training, the store is opening on Sept 22 and we begin moving into the store this Thursday. Exciting!!!!

Look at this picture. What am I doing? Just bored and taking pictures????

NOOOOOOOO guess again, oh ok one more hint.

Yes that's right Todd and I are planning a visit to see the munchkin.
And no one make fun of my homemade countdown!!!!!
I guess I should explain how the visit process works. Our agency recommends that we wait for DNA testing to be completed and results returned. We are pretty sure that the results will be back way before our departure date. We let our agency know we are going they cordinate our arrive with our attorney down there and she cordinates with the foster mom. They (attorney and Foster mom) will bring Meredith to the hotel we are staying at and drop her off. Most of the time the Foster mom's don't bring anything to leave with Meredith so we have to pack EVERYTHING. So I've started buying a couple things a week so I won't be overwhelmed later on. We also plan on taking a suitcase of just "stuff" to leave down there for her. Meredith stays with us the entire time we are in Guatemala. They come back and pick her up just before we leave for the airport. YES I know this will be the hardest thing I've ever done, but I have to. It will make it easier when she comes into the country.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Meredith.....Well sorta

Meredith is 2 months old today. Hopefully she will be going to the DR today unless they took her last week. We hope to get the medical update this week. I wonder how much she weighs? (Becky we may have to return some clothes, hehehe)
And just maybe there will be pictures too.

We're also hoping for DNA authorization this week.

Training begins this week for Archivers and we start loading the store either later this week or early next week. The store is scheduled to open Sept 22. So it's time to get busy, busy, busy.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nothing good to report.

The title says it all.

The advocate at the agency went on a trip down to GUA to visit the attorney and the Foster moms and babies.

Some of the families received pictures, unfortunately we were not one of them. They took pictures of all the babies, but the camera got lost either in the room or at the airport so there are no pictures for us. BUMMER!!!!!!!!! Those families that did get pictures were from the Foster moms and the disposable cameras they have left with them.

In the same day we find out our Power of Attorney is no good. The line where the babies' name goes isn't long enough. So we have to submit a new one and it has to go through all the different offices just like the other paperwork did. So we have probably added another 2-4 weeks onto the process. They can not go any further with Family Court until the POA is corrected.

On a happier note we were told this would not affect the authorization of DNA which we should be getting the OK from the US Embassy to have that test done in the next couple of weeks. I'll believe it when I see the charge on my Credit Card for the DNA test.

Once that test has come back as a match they say we can visit, but after talking to other families I now that is only a recommendation just in case there is no match. So I guess to be on the safe side we will wait till DNA comes back to visit.
With my two work schedules and the constant events at Todd's job, I may have to go without him. Becky got that passport yet?
The thoughts of going down alone are scarry, but the number of families that are down there each and every week, I will never be ALONE. They mostly stay at the Marriott, Westin, or Radisson. One of the message boards I belong to there is always a post out there asking if anyone will be at one of the hotels. So I'm sure I'll meet some of the folks I talk to from all over the country.

I'm meeting one of the families tonight for dinner, she's taking down a whole load of clothes for Meredith, there is one thing for sure this kid will never go without clothes. Her closet is already full.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yeah for me!!!!

We'll we haven't heard anything yet this week about Meredith, but I did hear from Archiver's. I accepted a part time supervisor position with the new store opening up here in Louisville. I begin tranging in about 2 weeks. YEAH!!!!!!! A much needed distraction, plus a little money.

Todd found out on Friday that our Dossier is in Guatemala and is being translated into Spanish. Philip(our advocate) is checking on a few things for us regarding our foster mom, and hopefully we can get Embassy approval for DNA testing soon.

I've been chatting with some other families that are in the process and we are trying to get a small group together to start a support group here in Louisville.
Thanks to one of the other families Meredith will be getting a lot more clothes at the end of August. Thank You Kim for offering to take those down for us we greatly appreciate it!!!!