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Blake Morris Wooley

Was born on March 21st at 3:11 am. He weighed in over 7lbs and is very CUTE!!!!

Enjoy the pictures.

What a cutie!!!

Blake and Aunt Veronica

Mamaw, Papaw, Meredith, & Blake

Mamaw with Meredith and Blake.

New pictures from today.

Here are a few pictures from today at Mamaw's and Papaw's.

Mommy and Meredith
Up close and personal

Meredith watching her favorite movie Shrek.

Another Snow Day!!

Well after last nights video it started to snow again. Todd shoveled off the driveway last night and this morning it had another 6 inches of snow on it!
It was so deep we couldn't get the front door open.
Here are a few pictures from this morning.

Meredith's Redneck Sled.

IT'S COLD!!!!!

That's right almost 10 inches as of this morning, and it was still snowing.

Mommy's car was clean when she got home yesterday!!

Mommy's other car is almost buried.

Daddy shoveling the snow for the third time in one day.

Daddy wear your gloves.

Mommy being stupid making a snow angel.

Mommy's snow angel

The snow is as tall a Gizmo. He hates going out in it. He has to hop around like a rabbit.