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New Pictures!!!!

The agency emailed these pictures to the proud papa today!!

ARGH her eyes are closed!!!!

Finally a picture with her eyes open!!!!

Sounds like we have a good eater on our hands....

We received the 1 month doctor visit report today and Meredith has gained almost 4 lbs in a month. She has also grown 3 inches. Her stats are 9lbs, 20.07inches long. She also received a bunch of shots. No photos came with this update.

As for mommy and daddy, our week has been challenging. I've been sick with the stomach flu since Tuesday morning, pair that with not sleeping and I feel like a real winner. Todd on the other hand is the best "honey will you get me" guy I know. He calls it good practice for later on.

Our paperwork is now complete and has been received back at the agency from the Guatemalan Consulate in DC. Our agency will send everything down to Guatemala on Thursday for translation into Spanish and then we are off and running. We are trying to pin down when we could visit if we want to or should I say can. Airplane tickets are expensive!!!!

Oh well everything will work out. Talk to you soon.


Monthly update for all Guatemala families.

I hope everyone is doing great and are having a good summer. I will
start sending a monthly update to keep everyone inform of what is
going on at AHH and also pass on information about referrals.

I would like to encourage everyone that is "paper chasing" to work
quickly. If you are waiting on your Home Study to let us know when
that is done and sent of to CIS. Also do not forget we need an
authenticated copy for your Dossier.

If you have a referral and your child's DNA has been done and
pre-approval received, please contact us before you plan a visit so
that we can consult with Cinthya about dates. Keep in mind she also
needs to get rest and on Saturdays and Sundays it is very hard
sometimes to deliver babies to the Hotel so it might not happen. To
avoid disappointments plan trips on a week day.

For those of you who have been waiting to get out of PGN the waiting
has become long but I want to let you know that if we or Cinthya
(attorney in GUA) had any way of getting you out fast …


After comparing prices with all the major carriers DHL was the cheapest.
All the others cost more and would take longer to get there.
DHL has guaranteed delivery by 6pm tomorrow Tuesday.

Robin guessed $200 which was the closest.

OK best guess wins!!!

Well I don't know what you win but guess anyway.

How much do you think this box will cost to ship to Guatemala?

It weighs approx 6.5-7lbs, full of clothes and disposible cameras.

New pictures!!!!!

Here is what the email fairy brought today.

Our advocate at the agency said these were either taken today(Tuesday), or yesterday. Meredith goes to the doctor again on the 21st and we should get that update 1-2 weeks after.
I'm just thankful to have new pictures. They say she is really healthy and has great color. I just wish the photos weren't so close up?? Oh well just glad to have them.

The care package will be going out on Thursday. Todd read some Walt Disney books tonight and recorded them and I'll do the same tomorrow. I'll have a contest to see who can guess the cost for shipping this box down, you will be surprised.

Is that a double chin I see??? Yep she'll fit in just fine.

And let the battle begin!!!

These picutres speak for themself.

Uncle Brians idea of a good team.

Daddy's idea of a good team.

I wonder which one Meredith will pick??? Oh and Todd wants to know where he can find some Chicago Cubs gear for her??? Thanks Aunt Becca for the cute outfits even though Todd says she can't wear this one, don't worry I'll sneak and let her.

No new update just yet. We will post information as soon as we get it. We are sending down a care package this week.

Busy Busy Weekend..

Well Todd and I have had a very busy weekend. Ever since we found out that Meredith is here we've been going in overdrive. As you can see we finished up the nursery this weekend. We will put the changing table together sometime this week, the crib was challenge enough for one day. Oh and the border (that one piece deal didn't work too good Becky). Oh and Todd says if he sees one more thing Hello Kitty, he's going to hurl. hahaha But anyway the room is painted, the border hung, and the crib is put together. The only thing that's missing is Meredith!!! We haven't heard anything else since Tuesday, I'll try to get some more information this week, but it's doubtful that the agency will know anything new. They said we would get our next round of pictures in about 5 weeks.