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What we did over our Memorial Day holiday....

As you an see from the picture, Todd and I began painting the nursery today. Actually we started yesterday with primer, this room was a bright, bright, bright yellow, Yuck!!!! At first we didn't think the primer would cover it, but once it dried you could barely see the yellow. So today we decided to put up some of the colored paint to see if we like the choices we made, well the choices I made that is. HaHa

The middle photo is what we hope we have when we get finished. I LOVE this Hello Kitty bedding!!!!!!!!!!

And yes that is me painting!!!!!!!

Happy Saturday & Memorial Day

Hey everyone, just wanted to give everyone an update...
We received a draft copy of the homestudy from our social worker yesterday. We are in the process of providing her with the needed docuemtation from Gizzy's vet and one more bank statement to finish that.
Also yesterday the State police backgroud check came back on both Todd and myself, no surprises there hahaha.
Today (Sat) we received our I600A Immigration receipt and FBI fingerprinting appointments.

That's it for today. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!

This is us...

Hey there everyone, its Thursday May 25th. Not much to report today, one background check came back yesterday for Todd(Lead Foot)!!!! Todd will apply for his passport tomorrow, while I lay out in the sun at home all day, ahhhhhh....
Anyway back to the process, I'm going to ladies night out at Holly's tonight and our friend who is a notary will be there too. My plan is for her to notarize everything I have so far and scan it in and email it to Maria tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be ok and I can mail that stuff off to her Tuesday. A couple of the forms we've already filled out have to be re-done, because the notary expired too soon. Oh well just one of the many expected obstacles.
Well that it's it for today.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Welcome to our blog.
Todd and I are in the beginning stages of an international adoption. We are presently meeting with our social worker and have one more meeting to go. So far the paperwork has been exhausting, but we both know that is will be well worth it in the end. We are glad that we chose to adopt from Guatemala, because the wait time from other countries are getting longer and longer. Right now the wait from start to finish for Guatemala is around 10-12 months. Todd and I will update everyone on our progress through this blog so check back often.
A friend from work used this blog service when she went to China this spring to pick up her daughter and she would update everyday while she was in China, it was great being able to track their progress and be up to date on all the happenings while they were away.We too plan to do that when we travel, our trip will be far less than hers, we should be gone no more than 3-4 days.