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My new favorite picture.

Holly took this picture a few weeks ago when we went to the zoo.I've also added a new slide show with some of our recent pictures.

Let's Celebrate!!!!

This past weekend was very busy. Meredith had 2 parties this weekend, one in Campbellsville and one here in Louisville. Here are a few pictures:

Hey everyone welcome to my birthday party!!!

Mamaw are you sure that cake is just for me?

I'm not sure this is how a lady is supposed to eat cake?

Mom said it was OK we can even make the same face!!!!

Uh Oh here comes daddy I better eat fast!!!

I bet you can't play the piano and maracas at the same time.
Is there something you wanted mom, I'm practicing on my piano. Giddy up zebra!!!!


Yiippee today is Meredith's 1st birthday. A lot of people say the first year goes so fast, but for us it went extremely slow. All the waiting seemed to make time stand still.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby girl, we love you.

Strawberries, Mini Blinds and Gas Grills

Yeah I know that's a silly title, but I didn't know what else to name it. As many if not all of you know June in the Seales house is BIRTHDAY month. We all celebrate our birthdays in June, mine was the 9th, Todd's is tomorrow the 13th, and Meredith's is next week on the 21st. So we just party all month. For my birthday Todd and I spent the day doing whatever "I" wanted to do hehehehe. After we met Meredith's chauffeur we headed to Huber's Orchard to pick Strawberries. We had a fun time, we love going to Hubers to pick Strawberries, Apples, and Peaches!!! After we left the orchard we went to Caesars Riverboat and played the one armed bandit for a little while. Don't worry I only lost $8. We were more interested in eating the buffet, but it wasn't as good as it was in the past, so that was kind of a dud. Later that night we went to the movies to see Shrek the Third, that is one funny movie.
As my birthday was coming to an end we decided that we n…

Trip to the Zoo

Meredith and I went to the Zoo today with Holly and Brooke. We had a great time. Meredith seemed to really enjoy looking at the animals. This trip was much better than our first trip on "Earth Day" there were far less people to navigate around today.

Here are a few pictures from today.

WOW Mom look at that Tiger!!!!

Mom did you see that BIG TURTLE??????

WOW we get to see the baby Elephant finally!!!

Mom do we really have to leave???

Meredith's first trip to Sunday School

We decided to try Sunday School again today. The last time we tried to go, Meredith got up with a 102 fever. But today she was great. We signed her in, took our pager and "parent sticker" (it's a 2 part sticker that has a number on it, we wear one half and Meredith wears the other half on her back, no one can pick up Meredith without the other half). We hung around her room for a few minutes and after we saw that she was content playing we slipped out. Apparently she never missed us, the ladies in the nursery said she didn't cry one time, WHHHOOHHOOOO!!!!!

When it was time to pick her up we went back to her room and there she was just a scooting around on the floor and when she saw us she gave us that big cheese.

Here are a couple of pictures, one is before we left and she was ready to go, and the other one is after, I'd say she had a good time playing with the others, she is pooped out!

Before Sunday School, anxious to go.

After Sunday School, oh I played to much, I…