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No nibbles yet....

With last week being Derby week and all we didn't expect much interest in the house. It amazes me how a town can shut down (as large as Lou) so tightly over one sporting event! Schools were closed, government offices were closed, the public Libraries were closed, many businesses were closed, I guess if I were involved in the festivities I would understand better??? Oh well. Meredith is great we are 98% potty trained!!!! I can't believe it, we only wear a pull up at bedtime. So Aunt Lib if you are reading this before I email you don't buy anymore pull up, YYIIPPPEEEE!!!!! She so excited!!!!

Meredith Planting flowers

Merla and Mommy

Know anyone that would like to buy this house

We listed our house last night. So if anyone knows of someone moving to the Louisville area here is our MLS number 1236227.

Meredith is so excited we are all going to the zoo tomorrow. Mamaw, Papaw, CaCa and Baby Bake are all coming up to go too. Meredith said it will be wonerful (wonderful).

Forever Family Day

We celebrated Forever Family Day yesterday by going the Newport Aquarium. Meredith Loved it!!!! I was afraid she would get scared with the sharks and fish swimming over and under us, but she was amazed. After the Aquarium we went back to Florence Y'all to eat at Noodles and Company. I saw it on an episode of Unwrapped on the Food Network. It was really good especially for someone like me who LOVES NOODLES!!!!

After lunch we went to the Florence Mall to Build a Bear, Meredith's other favorite. She made a pink pony that she said it reminds her of a "My Little Pony" that Papaw bought for her.

Todd and I also finished painting the upstairs bathroom one more thing we can cross of our very long to do list before we can put our house up for sale. The last major project is to put the "shoe" molding in the three bedrooms and to finish my kitchen floor.

Here are some pics from yesterday.

OOK at that frog.

This is so fun!!

Making Fishy face.

Mommy I so excited.

I think every …

Gotcha Day 2009

I can't believe that its been 2 years since my mom, my sister, and I traveled to Guatemala to bring home our precious little girl. We are celebrating Gotcha day this year with a trip to the Newport Aquarium. Meredith is very excited to see the fishy's and pingins (Penguins).
Here are a few pictures from Easter weekend, I will post more from tomorrow's trip on Sunday.

Meredith is coloring her first Easter Eggs.

Meredith on Easter morning seeing what the Easter Bunny left her.
How did all that fit in that bucket? The duck was not in there it was from a trip to Walmart with Mamaw and Papaw a couple weeks ago, it goes everywhere Meredith does.

Here is Meredith at Mamaw's on Easter Sunday. You can see a little bit of baby Blake and CaCa in the background. This is the dress that Aunt Ib gave here she loves it.

New Bed and a New Roof

We finally had an insurance adjuster come out and look at our damage. They agreed we needed a new roof so today the guys put one on. The gutters will be taken care of this week too, weather permitting.

We've also bought Meredith a new bed. She loves her new bed!

Well how has everyone been doing? We are great. Still waiting on our house to get fixed, but we are chugging right along. Todd and I ripped up another room of carpet over the weekend so we now have zero wall to wall carpet upstairs. And I must say the rooms look bigger!!!
We can also tell that Meredith is not coughing or her nose running as much either now that the carpet is gone. The big huge pine tree in the back yard is coming down next week before it falls on anyone so that will be nice. We still don't know if the insurance company is going to replace our roof or just repair the hole, sure would be nice to know something!!!!

Meredith is doing great! She is talking so much and she puts facial expression with some of the things she says that make it so cute. We are doing 2 allergy shots a week now and I think they are working. Today is Friday so she will come up talking about Tumblebus, she loves that bus.

Here are a couple of pictures of Meredith from this weekend.

More Damage!!!!

We thought we were going to get out of this ice storm with just tree damage. Boy were we wrong! Yesterday the temps got about freezing so the ice started to melt. But our gutters were still full of ice so the added weight from the ice on the roof melting caused the guttering on the back of the house to come crashing down. Here are some pictures...

Anyone have a chainsaw and want to come over for a party?

Boy do we need one, a chainsaw that is, this snow/ice storm has been awful. Meredith and I are stuck at home for the third day in a row!!! Todd went to work today but I didn't have him try to get my car out before he left. I went out to start the car and move it down the drive way but it is stuck and won't budge. I chipped away at the ice under the tires for about an hour and said forget it. I'll try to work from home some today and maybe go in this weekend. Todd will be taking us to work and school tomorrow. There are 240,000 homes here in Jefferson County with no electricity. We are very lucky!!!
We took Meredith out to play in the snow yesterday and she loved it, she didn't want to come back in!!! Meredith trying to make a snow angel.

Throwing snow balls at mommy.

Yes before anyone asks Meredith was dressed very, very warmly!!! She has on 2 pair of pants, 2 pairs of socks, undershirt, long sleeve t-shirt, hooded jacket, winter coat, "carf" (scarf), hat, and …

Snow Day!!!!

This is a post from last March when we had our big snow. Enjoy this clip of Meredith.Meredith out playing in the snow a little while ago.

Bad weather here today.

Here are some pictures from outside today. We woke up to 4-6 inches of snow on the ground, and it is now freezing rain. They are calling for at least an inch of ice then more snow by morning. Todd and I stayed home and Meredith's school was closed today as was most of Louisville. And as of right now it isn't looking too good for tomorrow. We did venture out today to take me to the doctor. I've had a cold for the past week and a half and I finally went to the DR. They only could get one doctor in today and they were taking patients in as they came, which was nice I didn't have to wait that long. I was discouraged by the way our streets up here were not cleared off. I understand the neighborhoods are last priority but it didn't look like Bardstown Road had been touched today!!! So we made it to the DR I have a double ear infection WOOOHOOO!!! We then went to Wal-Mart and got my meds. We planned to eat at the McDonalds in Walmart but they were closed because of the weat…

Pictures from the past few months...

Meredith surveying the gifts Santa Left.

Meredith's first piece of chewing gum. She told Mamaw that she didn't "ike" it was hot.

Mamaw, Papaw, Blake and Meredith in their Red Farmall Tractor shirts.

New Blog started today

I have moved our blog to a new listing. As you can see in the address line it is now
Let me know if the coloring is hard to read.

Sorry for any confusion, please save this link in your favorites.

Has it really been that long since I updated my blog!!!!

I can't believe I haven't updated this blog since September, what is wrong with me???? I know I have a very active 2 year old that I spend all my free time with! :)

Life here in the Morris-Seales house is busy as always. Meredith is growing up so fast it is hard to believe.
We are 90% potty trained which is awesome!!! Meredith has taken off on that one all on her own. She is doing very well with her preschool, they keep telling us that Meredith is one of the smartest kiddos they have. Which we know is true by some of the things she comes up with to say!!!!

We are getting close to 2 important date in the next few months. Baby Blake will turn 1 March 21st, and Meredith will have been home with for 2 years in April. Lots of celebrations are headed our way.

I have made it one of my New Years Resolutions to manage my time more wisely, well as you can see I've broken that one already, here it is the 23rd of January and I'm just now getting around to updating our site. …