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Well we thought we had good news to report....

But we don't. Here is what happened today. Tuesday is normally update day. And this morning when we got our weekly update it said: Good morning. According to Cinthya's weekly report your case has hit the Director's desk. I hope to have the date when it did by week's end.

Well we were jumping for joy. I cried for the better part of an hour so relieved that this journey was almost over. We called everyone and told them that the wait had an end in very near sight.

I started asking a couple questions about what happens next, how long do you think we will sit on his desk, etc...
My advocate seemed dumbfounded with why I thought I was so close to being out, my case was still with a reviewer, what was I talking about.

I then read to him the above statement that he sent to me and he says "Oh that was for another family that is not your update, I'm sorry." I hit the floor and the roof, I curtly said I can not and will not talk to you right now and hung up. Who in thei…

What do you think?

What do you think of my first attempt at making hairbows? I think this one is pretty cute. I've started shopping for hairbows for Meredith (well if her hair ever grows back), and on ebay they are selling for $6-$10 each. And this bow in the stores would cost $12. I made this one for about $2.

I've got mom working on them too. Maybe we can put them on ebay too and make some money???
Don't pay any attention to the date stamped on the picture, I had it set incorrectly.

Don't forget to check out the newest pictures of Meredith, scroll down and check them out.

My oh my what could it be???

I got mail yesterday. I love getting presents in the mail.

We've changed Secret Blog Pals again and this is from my new Secret Blog Pal. Which reminds me I need to find something to send to mine.

What oh What is in that box???

It's CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!! The biggest Chocolate bar I've ever seen. It is solid Milk Chocolate shipped straight from Hershey's. I Love Chocolate.

Thank you Thank you from Secret Blog Pal.

Don't forget to check out the new pictures of Meredith, just scroll down to the next blog entry.

It's Picture Day!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYIIIPPPPEEEE!!!!!

Todd and I live for picture day. Meredith went to the doctor on the 19th. She received one shot, weighs 18lbs, and is 26.77 inches tall.

We are amazed to see how she has changed from one month to the next. And this month is no exception. We can really tell by these pictures that her little personality is starting to show through. We miss her so much and we can't wait to bring her home. As of today we have been in PGN for 37 days so far so good no Previos. Keeping our fingers crossed for a quick release from PGN.

One of the Guatemama's is flying down on Sunday to bring her little guy home, so I'll be joining her family at the airport to welcome little Dane home next week. Safe travels Mary.

Here are the 4 pictures we received today from the agency.

Well I'm begining to sound like a broken record.

This weeks update just came in and yes it said the same thing as last weeks.
There was an added comment this week that said the average time to get out of PGN is about 3 months. Well I've been following several families on the message boards and they are getting out long before 3 months. It appears right now that Mr. PGN is signing off on cases submitted 11/27-11/30. As of today we have been in 5 weeks.
But we will just have to wait and be patient a little long.
We did not receive the medical update yet this week. It should be in sometime this week.

As for how we are holding up. I'm ready to change my title to GM-TOW (Guatemala Mama-Tired of Waiting)

Another weekly update.

As we've heard for the past 4 weeks. Our case is still in PGN waiting for final approval. So we just sit and wait some more.

We should receive a medical update and new pictures this week.

Weekly Update

Well as expected our weekly update told us nothing. It said that our case is still in PGN waiting for final approval, blah blah blah.
So we just sit and wait. We are both trying to stay busy with work, and I'm catching up on my reading and scrapbooking.
On a side note I've started a pretty strict diet last week and so far so good, I've lost 7lbs. Yahoo for me.

We are expecting another medical update next week. It is hard to believe that Meredith is almost 7 months old.
I have one friend that is currently waiting for her pink slip, it should be in any day now. She will be taking down clothes for Meredith.

Well I guess that's it for now, I promise to post any new updates as soon as I get them.